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TSA Meeting Script

Modified 12/28/2018, Copyright TSA

TSA does not currently host any meetings.



In order for us to remain consistent with our meetings please read the script as written.

For Moderator to read before chairing a meeting: 
Moderator chooses readings and/or asks if anyone has something they want to read. Suggestions: TSA Steps or other TSA, IFS, PTSD or other appropriate literature, or anything else pertinent to trauma recovery. Possible Topics: Fear, Anger, Relationships, Work, Grieving, Difficulty Playing, Triggers, Holidays, Steps, What happens AFTER we are heard? (There is more to recovery than being heard). Moderator may ask if anyone wants to begin sharing; if not, Moderator begins. We have found that by the Moderator taking the first share, the meeting gets going more effectively.


Begin Here

Welcome to the phone meeting of Trauma Survivors Anonymous. My name is ____________, and I am a survivor. This is a group of men and women survivors of trauma who have other 12-step experience and is currently by invitation only. While individually we are all in other 12 Step or Support groups, together we identify as a group of Trauma Survivors, members of a 12 Step group called TSA. We are free to use any appropriate literature related to recovery, including that from other 12 Step groups, during our meetings. In addition, we are free to mention any modality that has been helpful in our personal recovery. We remember not to advise or promote, but to share our own experience, strength and hope. 

Let's open with the Serenity Prayer: God, grant me...


We start each meeting with some pertinent readings and a topic, and encourage members to share on what is important to them, remembering that it is okay to acknowledge what happened to us while keeping the focus on the solution so as not to not stay in the problem. When it is your turn to chair the meeting, it is suggested to send the topic and readings out to the group the day before. We recommend all members consider attending other phone and face-to-face meetings. Most of us attend AA, NA, SA, ACA, SIA, CODA and/or other 12 step groups.

This meeting exists for adult women and men to heal the wounds of trauma and abuse, including physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, religious, ritual and others.


Everything that is said here in the telephone meeting, and member to member, must be held in confidence. When we feel safe, we can honestly share what's in our hearts, which is how we truly help each other to recover.

Welcome, everyone.

Are there any relevant announcements?

Please keep your microphone muted except when reading or sharing. 

In order to get to know each other, let's all introduce ourselves by our first names, and if you want, where you're calling from. 

I'll start. My name is ______ and I'm calling from _____. 
Who would like to go next? (Welcome each person.)


Are there any newcomers on the line?

(Welcome the newcomers. If you have any questions, please stay after the meeting and we'll answer your questions then.)



Would someone please read the 12 steps of TSA?

Moderator may choose additional readings or may ask if anyone wants to read something else. Moderator takes first share unless someone else has a burning desire to share first.


A few final notes before sharing

This is a no crosstalk meeting, meaning that we do not speak out of turn, interrupt another, give direct advice or comment directly on another's share. It is ok to speak about our own experience relating another's share. 

We allow the moderator to thank the last speaker before we request to share. 
Remember that we focus on our recovery, the solution and healing, not on the problem.

Please limit your share to five minutes (Moderator adjusts to 4 if more than 12 people on the call, as determined by the meeting's group conscience). We self-time at this meeting and if someone is going over, the Moderator will give a gentle reminder that his or her time is up.

The topic is __________ (or "what was read"). You may include how your different parts, stuck emotions or inner children are involved. 

Is there anyone who wants to begin or has something they need to bring up? If not, I'll begin the sharing?


About 10 minutes before the end of the meeting, say: 
The last share of the day is the Newcomer Share. A Newcomer is someone who has shared 6 or fewer times on the line. Is there a Newcomer who would like to share at this point? If not, the Moderator may open meeting up for another share. 



(At about 5 minutes before the end of the meeting, say:) 

We are almost out of time for the meeting, but you may stay on the line after we close and talk with others in fellowship.


Would someone please read the 12 TSA Promises?

At this time, anyone who would like to request a phone number or give out his or her number to others on the line may do so.

The 7th Tradition: Please go to our website,, and click on DONATE. This is your meeting, please help to keep it going by donating and moderating. There is no cost to attend meetings or access our literature, but we do have expenses, including a website that has been developed and requires maintenance. We are developing and distributing literature as well. Thank you in advance for participating.


I'd like to thank all who read, all who shared, and all who held space by listening.

Remember, what you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here.

For all those who would like to, please unmute your phone and join me in saying the Serenity Prayer.


Welcome to the Newcomers. Are there any Newcomer questions?

Then, open up for fellowship. 

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